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We believe there are so many opportunities in Canada and a real potential for every woman and man to rise as far as their talent, energy and effort allow.”

Royan Immigration Consulting, and Immigration agency based in Vancouver, on Canada’s naturally beautiful west coast. We want to help people who dream of coming to Canada to start a new life as student or worker, or even a business owner. At Royan Immigration Consulting, we believe there is always a better and easier way to come to Canada, one which fits your needs and status. People need to make an informed decision about their destination and where it is they wish to immigrate to. We assure every one of our clients gets an individualized immigration plan. Immigration rules and regulations are becoming ever more complex. To qualify to immigrate to Canada, you must present your case effectively to an immigration officer who has the authority to grant or deny your admission. It is our purpose and goal to see you reach this objective.

“We power individuals with big dreams”

I’ve became a successful resident of Canada, and you will soon be also! I am looking forward to meeting people who would also like to grow their dreams here in Canada. I am a proud immigrant who was brave enough to leave home and venture to a whole new world. I am here to help you fearlessly plan a better life for you and your family and to land proudly here in Canada. Our client focused approach assures a cost effective and high-quality service with the help of the best industry experts and mentors.

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Our client focused approach assures a cost effective and high-quality service with the help of the best industry experts and mentors.

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مشاوره مهاجرتی رویان

There are so many people like me that know how challenging it is to immigrate across continents and oceans, so why not have a team that supports you in your journey and can help you find your full potential

Mitra Royan is the founder and president of Royan Immigration Consulting. I am a licensed and professional Canadian Immigration consultant, authorized to practice in the Immigration Field. I came to Canada in 2017, at the beginning of a beautiful summer and started my journey toward my dream life and career. I then graduated from Ashton College, obtaining my Canadian Immigration Practitioner’s Certificate. I consider myself an entrepreneur, an optimist, an aspiring woman, a dreamer who can accomplish goals and an advocate for human potential. I am passionately dedicated to helping you build your dream life. I eagerly build this business that from which, I can continue to grow professionally, develop meaningful relationships and to be fulfilled with the work I am doing each and every day, helping others.

“We are here to make an impact”

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مشاوره مهاجرتی رویان