About Me

About Me

There are so many people like me that know how challenging it is to immigrate across continents and oceans, so why not have a team that supports you in your journey and can help you find your full potential

Mitra Royan is the founder and president of Royan Immigration Consulting. I am a licensed and professional Canadian Immigration consultant, authorized to practice in the Immigration Field. I came to Canada in 2017, at the beginning of a beautiful summer and started my journey toward my dream life and career. I then graduated from Ashton College, obtaining my Canadian Immigration Practitioner’s Certificate. I consider myself an entrepreneur, an optimist, an aspiring woman, a dreamer who can accomplish goals and an advocate for human potential. I am passionately dedicated to helping you build your dream life. I eagerly build this business that from which, I can continue to grow professionally, develop meaningful relationships and to be fulfilled with the work I am doing each and every day, helping others. From my first career in engineering, to the immigration consulting that I do today, there’s nothing I love more than working with clients to develop a plan on how they too can realize their dream. 

I can’t wait to personally welcome you to Canada!

“We are here to make an impact”

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422 Richards St, Suite 170, Vancouver, BC V6B 2Z4


+1 604-348-9697


مشاوره مهاجرتی رویان

“We are here to make an impact”

Royan Immigration Consulting, an Immigration agency based in Vancouver, Canada’s naturally beautiful west coast. 


we get the things done in a right way and time with proper planning and time management. Because we genuinely care about our clients.


We are always confident that good things will spill over into the lives of our clients.

You matter!

You matter!


We respect our values and beliefs and that’s why we are truly honest with our clients.


We understand your requirements and the stress you’re under and we’d like to provide you with the information and context needed to be successful.

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مشاوره مهاجرتی رویان

Royan Immigration Consulting

Mitra Royan is Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (#R711371) and Member of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants.

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