Newcomers Navigation Network

Newcomers Navigation Network

Newcomers’ navigation network provides a supportive environment for newcomers to Canada of all background. Many programs and services exist to help newcomers transition to life in Canada.

Canada has some of the best services for newcomers in the world. These programs are aimed to assist new immigrants with housing and job searches, language skills, tax preparation, school enrollment, and much more. These government-funded initiatives differ by province and territory.

When you relocate to a new country, it might be difficult to make new friends, so why not take advantage of existing newcomer services and join a local group, club, or organization?

Volunteering is a terrific method for newcomers to meet people and integrate into their new community, and it also provides a comfortable, informal setting in which to practice their speaking skills. There are organizations that are always in need of assistance, and there are many various ways to help, from fundraising to administrative works. The Volunteer Canada website is a wonderful location to start looking for open positions.

These are just few websites that can help you with your easy transition to a new life in Canada:

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