New Brunswick

New Brunswick

New Brunswick is one of Canada’s 4 Atlantic provinces and it is the largest of Canada’s three Maritime provinces. New Brunswick is bilingual and diverse community and due to its innovative nature, many businesses now expanding in this province, and it is now home to many tech companies. The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program targets qualified candidates who meet specific economic and labor market needs in the province. You can live in a small town or city and still be very close to beautiful nature that you and your family can enjoy, including lakes, rivers, and outdoor spaces.

The PNP program enables the province to select and nominate foreign workers, international students, and entrepreneurs to help meet the province/territory labor market needs, support government priorities, and help grow their economy. If you are nominated, you and your family can apply to IRCC to become a permanent resident of Canada.
The first step to apply for provincial nomination, is to apply to the PNP in the province or territory where you want to live. You must have the skills, education, and work experience necessary to settle in Canada and support yourself and your family to qualify. The province or territory will determine if you can meet their economic and labor market needs, as well as those of Canada.
Following the approval of your application by the province or territory, you must apply for permanent residence within the timeframe set forth by the province or territory. The province or territory will inform you If you must apply through the Express Entry system or the regular application process:
• Nomination under an Express Entry PNP stream: If you are not already in the Express Entry pool, you will need to complete an Express Entry profile and be accepted into the pool.
• Nomination under a non-Express Entry PNP stream: Permanent resident applicants who were nominated through a non-Express Entry PNP stream should use the usual application process to seek for permanent residence.

You can find out who is eligible to apply for each stream of nominee program described below by looking at the table below. Please keep in mind that there are so many other qualifying conditions to meet before you can apply for a certain stream.

Main CategorySub categoryEligibility
Skilled Worker 
·         An eligible New Brunswick employer has offered, and you have accepted a permanent, unconditional, full time, year-round (non-seasonal) employment in an eligible occupation.
·         At least one year of work experience, in the last five, related to the job offer in NOC0, A, B, C, D
Skilled WorkerExpress Entry 
·         Be eligible for Federal Express Entry program
·         You meet the requirements of a NOC 0, A or B occupation
·         You received a genuine offer of employment
Transport Truck Driver 
·         you have 24 months of work experience in NOC 7511: Transport Truck Drivers within the past five years,
·         including at least six months of continuous employment in New Brunswick, with a New Brunswick Driver’s License, as a Transport Truck Driver while working on a valid work permit, prior to the date of your application
·         A New Brunswick employer has offered, and you have accepted, permanent, full time, year-round (nonseasonal) employment in an eligible occupation.
Business ImmigrationBusiness Immigration·         Candidates must identify at least one eligible connection
·         Business Ownership/Senior Management Experience
Strategic Initiative Stream for French-speaking immigrantsStrategic Initiative Stream for French-speaking immigrants·         Qualifying Connection to New Brunswick:
o   Exploratory Visit to New Brunswick
o   Genuine Job Offer
o   Direct Invitation
·         You must, at a minimum, have a Canadian secondary (high school) diploma or a foreign high school diploma equal to a Canadian credential, supported by an ECA
·         NCLC 5 for French in all four language abilities
·         One year of continuous, paid experience in NOC 0, A,B,C,D

For detailed information on eligibility requirements of each of stream, and to find out more on other provincial programs please contact us or fill out our free assessment form.

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